Copying V-Rally 2 expert edition with liteon 32x how?

I already went though 2 coasters

What are the settings for clonecd to copy V-Rally 2 expert edition for PC

Got latest clony and CloneCD 4 beta 30

I copied the orginal fine, but I can’t copy the copies of it !!

It installs the game perfect, but its just when u go to run it, nothing loads up.

I know I can crack it and it will work, but how do I clone it ?

Reading at max, writing at 24x

Originally posted by KING

I copied the orginal fine, but I can’t copy the copies of it !!

Why would you ever want to do something like that?
You little pirate… :slight_smile:

What protection is it?

It has the new secrom on it, and I think it has CD Checks also.

Found out the oringal is only copyable, which is kinda werid.

Works with a crack, so not that fussed really.


Due to years of testing I’ve come to the same conclusion. Making backups of backups do in some cases not work, especially with protections that uses the subchannel (like securom).

But that is not what Clone CD is made for, it’s made for backing up your originals so there is no real problem at all.

just keep an image of the original on your hard drv., and burn the copies from that -->so effectivley u are always copying from the original.

I think this has something to do with the fact that SubChannels have little error-correction. The first copy has a few errors, but they are still readable. The second-Gen copy might work (I’ve tested this) sometimes, depending on many factors which I don’t fully understand. I’ve never had a third-gen copy of Securom new work, though it (I think), should be possible with luck.