Copying tracks from a chipped CD



Slightly strange one… I got an audio CD & book from the library, and realised when trying to put the CD in the player that it’s chipped. :a
The chip is a small semi circle on the edge of the disc, and although the CD won’t play in my car player or standalone, it will play 28 of 34 tracks in the pc drive. I have been trying to figure out how to copy the 28 tracks that are ok, and burn them onto a new disc, so I can listen to them in the car.
So far making a copy, trying to copy individual tracks,trying to rip tracks etc hasn’t worked.
Does anyone have any novel suggestions?

If all else fails, I plan to play the tracks and record them with Audacity, but I’d prefer to do it another way.

(yes, before anyone asks, I know that it’s from a library and I don’t own the original, but if I can’t make a copy at all then the CD is useless - plus I’m going to return a burned disc to the library because it’s their only copy of this CD)



The worst solution may be to play it back and re-record it via analog in, but i doubt Exact Audio Copier can’t deal with the audio-cd.


Could you define chipped? From your description it could be Ring PROTECH or Sysiphus protection. It looks like this?


CDex , like EAC , should be able to rip the readable tracks for you.


No copy protection - I just meant the CD is broken and there’s a piece of it missing :slight_smile:

Mr. Belvedere and TimC - EAC worked just fine, I have my 28 tracks. Thankyou :flower:
Hadn’t used EAC before, but will spend some time playing with it.


Ahh… ok. I already thought a chip on a disc is some kind of strange :stuck_out_tongue: