Copying today's movies

I am a broke college student. My family buys DVD’s every Tuesday, and I go down and make copies of them so that I have a copy that my little sister doesn’t destroy. The problem is, I can’t seem to make copies of many of the Disney movies or Hairspray. I am slightly stupid when it comes to making copies and I am very broke, so I can’t afford to buy anything. Is there any freeware that is easy to use and that will copy Hairspray and Disney movies?

Welcome to the forum. What software that you have paid for, (since your broke) are you using? Post alittle more info, and you might get a reply also your making backups of DVD you own right?

When my dad bought the computer in Nov 2004, he added DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink 3.2, and Nero.

Actually, up until September, I didn’t even know how to use DVD decryptor and now I only use it to add movies to my ipod. I still have no idea how to work with Nero.

Try DvdFab HD Decrypter for ripping, gotten here free:

Use Dvd Shrink for compressing, just search, its available free all over the inernet.

Use Nero to burn since you have it. Otherwise, use Imgburn, also available free on net.

I tried DvdFab, DVD Shrink and Nero and none of them will let me make a copy. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know.

Lets start at the beginning.
Are you able to get Fab to decrypt to your HD?

If not, what specific problem and/or error message are you having/
Are yu using the latest version of Fab, 4014 Beta.
You need to use this version to be able to do Haispray. Otherwise youll get an out of memory error messsage when you go to Shrink.

Specifically, what movies are you having trouble with?

I downloaded a trial version of Fab decrypt platnum 4014. The thing is, I put in Hairspray and it is still asking me to insert the movie or choose a dvd folder.

I have had copying problems with Meet the Robinsons and High School Musical.

i know this process can seem very confusing at first. i thought i was enter the twilight zone when i first started using dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. but the more i read and just tried again, eventually i was hooked. then i went to backup saw III and crank. this took everything i had been doing and threw it out the window. so i bought dvdfab platinum. there is a guide found at . you say you are a college student, take a night off of drinking and just read up on this. things will get better. stop by if you need more help.