Copying to HDD of DVD Recorder

I have a Pioneer 520H-s DVD Recorder and am trying to copy mini discs recorded on my camcorder to the hdd so I can copy them on to a large dvd. Some will copy and others I get the following message: Can’t copy, no more space for file management data. There is still plenty of space on the hdd. Any help greatfully appreciated.

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I’ve got the 440 and at the back of the manual it shows this error message with the following explanation and I’d guess yours is much the same:-

The disc control data limit has been reached [I](whatever that means)[/I] or the maximum number of chapters and/or titles has been reached. Erase titles/chapters or combine chapters.

I think you might need to delete a few titles and/or optimise the HDD.

If I am reading your question correctly, you have Pioneer Stand Alone DVD Recorder that I have the same brand with model DVR R500. I assume both have the same format requirement the question is do you use DVD-R? since these recorders from Pioneer are only writing on DVD-R/-RW not + ones.


The poster clearly states the problem is copying to the HDD.