Copying to hard drive



Hello everyone. I’m usually able to find any info i need from the search function but for some reason its not letting me search today. My biology teacher is wanting to copy some of the movies he uses in class to his laptop for easier access. He owns the originals. We are just wondering id there is a way using fab shrink or some other free program to do this. Thanks.


What format are the movies in now? Are they regular dvd video on disks?

If they are just plain old dvds, you can use most any decryption/ripper program to get them from the disk to the hard drive, depending on the type of protection they may have.

I’d try DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter first. If you use Shrink, you don’t have to use any compression if you don’t want it. You can find both programs at

If there is a newer protection that they cannot handle, you could try DVDFab HD Decrypter.

All of these programs are free to use.


thanks, once its ripped to the hard drive with shrink or fab, will he need anything special to play them, or will his normal dvd software do just fine. I think he uses powerdvd. or something like that.


PowerDVD should work. Just hit the icon for Select Source and then Open movie on hard disk and browse to where you have put the movie.

If he has Vista, it can play dvds natively in Windows Media Player.

And you can use a free player called VLC.