Copying to hard drive

Is there any way of copying movies to a hard drive of your pc. I have movies saved on my hard drive on my pc, but i was looking to burn them onto a disc but i dont have a dvd burner on my laptop, so i was wanting to know, if i could copy them from my pc to the dvd recorders hard drive and then burn them onto a disc.

Your question is not clear if you don’t have DVD burner then you can’t burn the movie from your hard drive to DVD disc.


He is asking if he can transfer the copied movies from the computer HD to the DVD recorder’s HD and the use the DvD recorder and burn his movie to disk.

Via FireWire ports if you have them otherwise you will have to go the slow way and you need to have a S-Video or Composite out ( IE Tunner Card ) on your PC and record via those input.

I don’t know if you can open up your dvd recorder box and somehow link the HD to your PC though.

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