Copying Tiberian Sun

Hi there!

I was hoping someone could help me with a little problem I’ve got.

I’ve been using CloneCd for a month or so, and today I downloaded Perfect Copy because I wasn’t able to clone Command & Conquer’s Tiberian Sun…
Didn’t quite understand what Perfect Copy does and it doesn’t seem like I can “insert” where CloneCd.exe is. … I might be stupid or something, but… well I hope you understand the prob.

The error I get is:

Device PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-105 doesn’t support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (CD+G)!
Failed to read sector 831
Failed to read sector … etc etc etc

I’ve copied Soldier of Fortune using CloneCd and I’ve copied w2k etc etc etc, and that works just fine… :slight_smile:

I have a Memorex 12x 2mb buffer burn proof writer…

I would be very pleased if someone could help me with this problem I have :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…


i believe you need to get a crack for the game here at

If you get this error in the CloneCD log:

Failed to read sector 831
Failed to read sector … etc etc etc

Just let it burn, it take’s a long time, but mostly youre cd wil complete succesful with CDprotection…

Just try… :slight_smile:

get a detector!!!

Thanks for all three replies… :slight_smile:

I just let her burn, and it worked out jez fine… Took 50 mins, tho…

Well… Cheers peeps… I’m off to bed (been out drinkin’)