Copying The Sims

I have a Lite-on 811s and a lite on cd burner, and am trying to back up The Sims so that my kids do not destroy the original disk. I have downloaded a trial version of Alcohol 120%.

How does a newbie perform this procedure?

Thanks in advance…

Read through any of these yet?

There are many versions of The Sims. Which one are you trying to backup?

Hm. There are how many topics on that page…all I was looking for was a way to create a copy of a single program. Could you be more specific on which thread I should read?


Assuming that you are talking about the Original Sims, in no deluxe edition packs, then it is SafeDisc 1.40.004. The SafeDisc profile in Alcohol 120% should work just fine. Don’t worry about the read errors - they are normal, and will stop around sectors 10,000 to 10,500.

I was able to get the disc burned, but when I put it in my kid’s machine, I get the dreaded “could not find disk” error message.
I am trying to copy The Sims House Party that uses SafeDisk 2.10.030 protection.


Now what?

Are they playing the copy from a burner? If so, you will need to install Alcohol 120% on their computer and enable ATIP hiding (Ignore Media Type) from the system tray of Alcohol before playing.