Copying The sims Deluxe, and getting it to play ! Hi im new :-) *waves at everyone*



Hello everyone, :o

Im Rachael i am new to this place, its great from all the info i have read so far. Im hee cause i need help with a cd burning problem.

I have the sims deluxe and a few extensi0ons, i burnt them but they will not play.startup unless the original disc is in the drive.

Is there anything i can do to make my burnt disc play or a program that eradicates this prblem?? Your help is greatly appreciated.

My knowledge in PCS is limited, but i can give you beauty tips … lol

Thanks Rachael :slight_smile:


Ive read here that Alcohol 120% a program might work, but i dont know what to do with it etc?

Can someone help? Will this work with the SIMS Deluxe? :bow:


First off you need to have a cdrw drive like liteon, or asus but since this is older game you might be able to use other cdrw drives, and you need to have a dvd-rom or cd rom drive to able to read the backup disk. Use alcohol you can download a free trial at this link when installed you can choose copy on the fly or image than choose the copy protection i believe its safedisc 2 for the sims deluxe the older sims were mostly safedisc 2 and boom you should have a working backup.


Hi, i downloaded Alchol 120% and ive checked what driver i have its a

Thats the only driver/player that i have. Do i need 2??

Or can i put the game on my hard-drive and then copy it to a cd? Would that work at all?

Thanks Rachael


any of the safedisc copying methods @ will work. for a free way to do it try the burnatonce method [last on the list]


Hi, i have the alchol program and im trying to copy the cd but when i do it takes ages and i have a super fast pc so i know somethings wrong, then i see all these error messages comeing up like READ DATA EXAMINATION ERROR 2045 and soon but with different numbers. Any idea ?


I/O Magic drive will this play my coped discs that wont play???


Yeah the liteon reader has nothing to do with computer speed the way safedisc works it the first 10000 sectors are errors and it takes a while to get through them, this is normal, then it will copy the image to the hard drive, and you can make that image to a cdr, you will have to make sure that ignore all media is enalbled in the alcohol program and running when you play the backup cd. Thats why a majority of people have a dvd rom drive seperatly. But it might work for you.


Thank your help, i will try to understand what yo have said, :slight_smile: Thank you very very much, and i hope yo uall find the solutions to your freaky cd problems :wink: