Copying The Sims 2 Help!




I am trying to copy the first disc of The Sims 2. All I know at the moment is that Disc 1 is protected with SafeDisc v2. If anyone could send me a guide (with screenshots please!!!) of how to copy it with either/and/or:

Nero 6 Reloaded
GameJack 4
Alcohol 120%

Please, please help!!!

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Ok; The Sims 2 is protected with SafeDisc 3.2
This is simple to beat now with the new CloneCD (it is a emulated copy, so you need CloneCD installed for the copy to run…
One you have downloaded and installed the latest CloneCD, just copy it using the “Copy” mode, at 8x speed, and usin the “Protected PC Game” profile.

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Hi, I have tried doing this with CloneCD. I copied it and when I tried to play it, it came up with CD not located!!!

Please help!!!


In in system tray you sould have a little sheep icon? Right click on it and tick “Hide CDR media”. Then try the disk



OK its your lucky day i signed up just to help you because of this prob by loads of people follow these step to step ways to play your copy of sims to and if you dont mine can you make me a copy if you live in the uk, you dont have to, i just really wanna play sims 2, any way

  1. You don’t need clone disk just make sure you have a disk writer i dont know this wierd stuff you said about this cd protected with SafeDisc 3.2 as far as i know it isnt protected because its so easy to play any way.

  2. Second you dont have to burn it, make 2 folders each containing disk one or disk 2 on to a disk you can install it from a folder and when it says put the disk i other one type in the adress of the folder you put the disk in. Once its installed go to step 3

  3. Ok any way after its installed make a shortcut on the desktop if it wasnt created yet

  4. as you said when you try to play it says insert disk one or two, well you dont need to, go to google and search “download the sims 2 crack” and download the crack or a thing called the sims 2 NoCd, ( the difference between the crack and NoCd is the crack will let you play the sims two with your copied disk and the nocd will let you just double clik your desktop thing sims 2 icon and youll be able to play the sims 2 without any disk any way to do this once you have downloaded the crack or NoCd for the sims two extract it to a folder and if you open it it will show a icon with the sims 2 copy it and close the folder than look at your desk top, for the sims 2 icon right click it and press properties than look for a button called find target than it will open the sims 2 folder directory and than right click the white space not right clicking any icons and press paste and than it will say replace this with this click yes or ok and than once its dont close the folder press ok to the properties and if you done everything rite you can play the sims two with your back up cd or if you did it with the nocd you dont need the cd or back up to play it please post if you have been able to do this and it worked if it didnt tell me what you did