Copying still photos from a homemade dvd

Hello, my cousin made a dvd of family photos and I would like to know how I can copy the still photos to my computer from the dvd. Anyone have any info? Thank you in advance.

Welcome to MyCE, PollyVillalobos!
If the DVD is a “slideshow” style, where the pictures cycle from one to the next as the DVD plays back,
Go here:
and download VLC Media Player (it’s free), then play the DVD in VLC.
When you get to the picture (frame) you want, pause it, click on VIDEO @ the top of the player (or right-click on the video screen) & choose SNAPSHOT. VLC will save the snapshot as a jpeg in MY DOCUMENTS by default, although you can change the destination in SETTINGS.

As Chosenfew suggested, but understand you will get a lower quality than the original file…the video making program will have reduced the image to a level of 720 × 480 or similar…and your screen shot or capture method is limited to your monitor resolution.

If you need good prints, then it will be necessary to ask for the original files.