Copying starforce dvd protected game

is there any way to copy a dvd rom in the same way as a starforce cd rom protected game???. I mean, using alcohol without rpms emulation at 4 speed and with securom new parameters.

I managed to make a working copy of my original games in order to avoid scratching them, using the options above.

I wanted to make a working copy of my original knights of the temple 2, but it’s in dvd rom.

As explained in the “something about STARFORCE …” thread, one can measure DVD’s with sfcdvd.exe, too, but there is no way to patch a DVD image and store the needed twinranges.

no copy, but the shortest way of getting it to run should be:

  1. install DT4 (currently 4.03)
  2. make image of the game with alcohol (no profile selectable, as it’s dvd)
  3. d-load a .mds file (e.g. from (or try to make an own good one)
  4. copy d-loaded .mds file to the image folder, rename it / overwrite your self-made .mds
  5. if you haven’t installed the game, yet (i guess you have, so just skip this step) install it from the daemon’s v-drive
  6. shut down computer
  7. unplug ALL your optical drives (remove the cable physically!)
  8. boot your system, play the game :wink: no other special tools should be needed any more…

i can´t unplug my optical drive? If i try it, my computer won´t start at all? Hard drive is in same cable than optical, in order first HDD, then DVD drive. HDD is set to -master- of course.

i have also one SATA drive but i think that has nothing to do with it.

problems solved, i did all above and it worked :smiley: