Copying speed suddenly increased, and black-screen content



I know I shouldn’t complain but my copying speed on one click dvd copy has gone from about 20 mins to 4, I have changed nothing, infact copied 2 other discs as normal before this started happening. It is now taking longer to burn than to copy. The main problem is that although my dvd player shows there are the correct amount of chapters, which you can skip through, everything is black If anyone could help I would be very grateful. Thanks :slight_smile:


You’ll probably get better help if I transfer this to the 1ClickDVDcopy forum… :wink:


Thanks, but not actually sure how to find my message?


You’re already there - if you check the top of the page you’ll see the path…


What version of 1Click are you using. Please check your settings and post them. I will help you.:flower:


Please Post a >> F8 log session of the attempt(s) …
Let us read the ‘process’ and ‘error’ in context

  • and your options - selected

Open 1Click >> F8 >> Copy and Paste in Reply
Look for :
Session Started” / “Session Closed

  • to divide the individual sessions
    Post one session per Reply Post
    One or Two “Session(s)” in question should suffice

If the One Session is too long - Divide the Session into Two Postings

Your log will instantly answer 20 questions we might have

Let us take a look …