Copying software

kind of new to this thing would like to know how good is the dvdxplatinum with video vault by x software not 321 studios thanks

Sounds like a DVDXCopy knockoff.

If you are looking to purchase software, then look at CloneCD/DVD and AnyDVD package. Otherwise check out the free tools listed at

The Clonedvd/AnyDVD combo is great. I Purchased a few months back and i love it. i have never used archive software before and it is extremely easy to use and also produces very high quality results in a short time. It is more than worth the money.

There is lots of crap software out there so be carfull about spending your hard earned money. Are you wanting to do particualr things only or are you looking for an all around burning software?
Clonedvd and anydvd are exelent programs if you are looking to do movie backups (which based on the programs you mentioned is liklly). If you want all around burning, nero and anydvd might be beter. dvddecryptor/shrink might be an alternative that is free if it is movie backups you want.

What kind of burning do you want to do?

dvddecryper and dvd shrink still work for me. :slight_smile:

Dvddecryptor and dvd shrink are by far, the most popular tools ever used for backups, and for good reason, they are free, and they are the best free software avalable. Problem is, dvd decryptor is not still avalable.
Macrovision sued dvd decryptor and won and now they own them. You cannot get dvd decryptor anymore. Should you go searching for the final version of dvd decryptor (often refered to as 3.5 4.1 or, you should abslutlly not downlaod the tool as it is owned by macrovision now. You should not disable automatic updates as macrovision has a right to know that you are still using the tool that they quite legally took without paying a dime for it, and make sure you get dvd decryptor through official sorcees, so you can be sure to get the official macrovision approved versions (I’m guessing with later versions than Make sure you have a newer ubdate than that version as it will legally and properlly have most of it’s function stripped away.
And use it with dvd shrink!!!

Don’t forget dvdfab decryptor that is new and free. here…:slight_smile: