Copying Slideshow from DVD to Nero 7

Last year I created a slide show project containing about 39 slide shows and 800 images using an early version of Nero (circa 2001). A few months ago my Lenovo crashed and I had to reformat it back to the factory settings. Some time earlier I had backed up all my important files to CD but somehow had missed copying the slideshow setup (for want of a better word) which meant that, although I had all the images, the slide show itself was lost.

I now have Nero 7 Essentials and the slide show plug in. I am wondering if there is any way of copying the project and its associated slide shows from the DVD I made containing the project in such a way that I can open it in Nero 7 and edit it (add images). This would save me a lot of time as all 800 of the images included subtitles and I would hate to have to create a new project and redo the subtitles.