Copying sims to a cd

i have burned the sims game to a cd, however when i put it in the computer to play it, the computer reads the cd and opens the sims page, but when you click on “play game”, it says please insert correct cd. why is this happening, when it is properly copyed to the cd.

Because it’s still copy protected.

Some games require a patch or crack to work from a copy because of the protection. It will be easier for you to play from the original than searching for good sites for these things as few have good reputations for providing clean ones. I say this because we can’t tell you where to go to find them as the naming and linking to such sites is against the rules.

So is advising people to use a crack. :cop:

@ peta89

Run a scan with A-Ray scanner and tell us what copy protection the game uses and tell us also what burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s you have and we’ll try to help you to make a working copy (if your hardware is capable).

I thought only telling people where to go to get them was, not actually saying it may be needed for a back up of a game you own to play.

The use of cracks means that you modify the software, which is illegal in almost all cases.
Telling people to use them is equally illegal, analogous to telling people they should steal or break any other law.
I believe that you have been given several hints in this direction previously. You have been here longer than today, so you should have known better.

So please, respect CD Freaks and keep this forum clean of illegal practices.