Copying Sims 2 Open For Business

O.k before i go Crazy can someone tell me how to create a decent back-up disc of sims 2 open for business from Scratch

I have tried Alcohol and others but every one has the same problem, It says ‘Disc Read Error at 818’

Can somebody tell me what i need to do starting with the begining (e.g download etc)

Quick before i lose my sanity :stuck_out_tongue:

Disc read errors are normal for safedisc protected discs. It’s part of the protection. Just be patient and allow the reading process to complete.

Thanks for the advice, but it has been copying for 11 minutes now on alcohol 120% and has only got to 1.1% is there enything i can do to make it go faster ?

Which Alcohol profile are you using for reading the image?

Im sorry what do you mean by profile ?
sorry bit thick

When you started the reading process using Alcohol you had to choose a profile in your case you should choose SafeDisc profile 2/3/4.

Its alright i have the images finally thanks to you all that helped me.
1 more question

how do i get the backup copy to actually load so i can play sims 2 open for business


Depends on the used SafeDisc version. Scan the installation of your Sims game using Protection ID and post the used version.

Kalas thanks for your help
i have figured it out by myself and a bit of help by other members i can now play without a disk thanks loads :slight_smile:

This is How I did it

(1) Created image with Alcohol 120%
(2) downloaded safe disk hide 4
(3) downloaded daemon tools
(4) opened safe disk hide 4, left it open
(5) mounted Sims2EP3_1.mds with deamon tools
(6) Quickly switched to safe disk hide 4 and clicked hide
(7) game loaded and worked a dream

Good news :slight_smile: