Copying SimCity 4 Deluxe with Plextor PX-708A

Hey… I’m trying to copy SimCity 4 Deluxe using my Plextor PX-708A. The disc uses Safedisc 2.9, and I’ve tried using DDump + Fireburner, Alcohol 120%, and BlindWrite… to no avail.

Has anyone done this successfully or have any suggestions?


Hi and welcome to the forums.

did you try CCD+Fireburner?

or maybe DiscJuggler?
DiscJuggler Guide

Hiding ATIP?
Have any Virtual Drives installed?

Ive succecsfully backuped Sims Megastar SD 2.9 and Pirates of the Karribean SD 2.9 with DiskDump Image read by Toshiba 1802 and burned via Fireburner with PX708A ver. 1.04 Firmware.

Make an Image with DiskDump from Toshiba DVD ROM using safedisk Settings.

DAO96 Mode
Autocorrect Sub Channel
and 8x Burning Speed

i didnt had any problems with safedisk games using my px708a…
last game i backuped was Fifa 2004 and Call of Duty

Well here’s what I’ve done:

I made the image using the PX-708A in Disc Dump using Safedisc settings, read on max.

I burned in Fireburner using DAO96 and DAO16, Autocorrect subchannel, 8x speed, and neither have worked.

Perhaps using the PX-708A to make the image is my problem?

Hi endeav002 :),

I’m not so familiar with the discdump and fireburner method ,so i got this for you.
I made a backup of SimCity 4 using BlindWrite 4.5.7 you can still get it on the VSO homepage. My settings were like this:


-subcodes checked
-nibble checked
-read speed 4x


-autoplay unchecked
-enhance weak sectors checked
-write speed 4x

worked fine for me. You can also try one of the Safedisc profiles for BW5 located here
if you don’t have BlindWrite 4.5.7 or don’t want to download it.
Hope it works also for you:):