Copying several cd at a time in one pc

i need to know the posibilities of using multiple cd recording in one pc.

this is what i want to do

i want to create 1 image file and copy it using 3 cd writer in 1 pc.

i want to copy it simultaniuosly.


im a high school it instructor.
and i handle 120 students per week
we change our topic every week.
so i want to give them the handouts for home studying as fast as i can.

cause time is crucial in education.

any help pls?

It is preferred to have identicle hardware (same burner drives) although unnecessary (might cause headaches if you don’t) and you will need software capable of burning to multiple burners at one time. I always suggest Padus DiscJuggler, personally. I also always suggest a stable O/S like win2000 or WinXP. Further for optimal performance look into SATA drives and SCSI as these are faster, SATA are a bit cheaper and most new boards have SATA onboard for as many as 4-8 devices so there is no need to buy s SCSI controller card. Check ASUS boards thats what I have and they are very good stable and reputable company.

You can also read a very informative article here on it:

Hope i that helped, btw I too am a p/t teacher. :wink:

Well currently using optical drives on SATA is a bad idea and causes headaches of its own. Stick with IDE, because it’s tons cheaper than SCSI. I would personally go with liteon drives, you can pick up 1 52x liteon drive at newegg for $27.00 and free shipping. So for 3 drives it would cost only $81. Since you will be burning the exact same image to each burner, you won’t have to worry about having them all on separate channels. You can have 2 on the secondary channel (master and slave) and one on the primary channel (master/slave).

You might have problems if your hard drive is not on a controller card, there will be a bottle-neck from the hard drive to the 3rd burner. This is a problem with the IDE interface and there’s not much you can do about it. I would also suggest that you pick up a ATA133 controller card. Maybe this one for $29. Granted, this card is only ATA100 but you probably won’t know the difference, and this is more than enough for 52x cd burning. And it puts your cost right at $110. Not too bad for what your getting.

So, you would need to set up the hard drive on the controller card, and make sure your motherboard can boot from the card, then, set up your cd burners on your motherboard’s built in IDE connectors, and you’re set.

Instead of discjuggler, I would reccomend nero, I think it may be a little cheaper, and it had lots more updates and many more people use it.

Retail Nero can burn to 2 drives simultaneously, and you can run as many instances of Nero as you want, each burning to 2 drives. So I would put 2 identical burners on one channel and burn to them simultaneously, then burn to the 3rd drive on the other channel from a second instance of Nero. You can stagger the burns, so both burns are not running at high speed at the same time, to lessen the load on the HD. Of course, having the image on 2 physical HDs would also increase the chances of success, but should not be absolutely necessary. Most HD’s can handle 2 burn processes at the same time. But 2 burners running simutaneously must be burning at the same speed, and with the same strategy (CAV or PCAV) for success.

Well I just made a new compilation of cd with nero and I was able to choose 3 burners at once and it ejected them all asking for media. So for some reason it doesn’t seem to be an issue with me.

Hmmm, it appears that the 2 drive limitation was removed in v6. Burning 3 right now! :wink:

edit: complete 3x burns at 24x very nicely.

I tried 5, and Nero told me there’s a 4 drive limitation. I guess you need the Enterprise edition for more than 4.

Anyway, I did 4 at 24x, 2 on one channel, one on another channel, and one on SATA. No buffer issues. :bigsmile:

Very nice. So the perromance of the liteon SATA is comparable to the IDE drives in the way it writes, just not with firmware upgrades, etc, right?

I spoke a bit too soon, one of the drives slowed down due to the crappy CMC media, so Nero held the other 3 back to wait for the slow one. But the burn completed alright x 4.

Yes, the issue for simutaneous burns is that all drives must burn at the exact same rate all through the burn. CAV does not mix with PCAV or CLV, etc, etc, and none of them can slow for crappy media> :wink: Which is why duplication towers always use identical burners.

thanks for the ideas.
with all your ideas i came up with this

i will try the following.(btw not much a computer expert)
i will buy 1 ata controller card.which will house my primary and secondary hd,
master 40g, slave 30g
3 lite on CDRW -
2 on the primary ide,master /slave
1 on secondary.master
1 cdr slave
my pc runs with the ff specs.
celeron 2.2 Ghz
256 ram
i dont know about my mother board but the manual says its PC CHIPS
supports 1 AGP

any feedbacks before i start my project.?
thanks in advance guys

i will go for the cheap one’s. school doest have enouh budget,hehe :wink:

The PCI card for HD’s is a good idea, should work out well.

thanks ill start my progect on monday.ill keep it posted here if anything goes wrong.

btw/ any good site for guides how to set it up?(aside from article 93)
i am realy a noob.

thanks a lot

If the card comes with drivers, install the card and drivers before moving your HD’s. Then just swap the HD’s over and away you go. If there’s any boot trouble, check your BIOS for a boot setting.


is my mother board good enough?
and my specs?

Should be OK.