Copying Several Avi's Onto a DVd-RW for playback on a dvd-machine

Hi There,
I must admit i am quite a newb when it comes to these things but maybe some1 may help me :rolleyes:

I recently purchased a dvd-writer for the purpose of backing my avi files onto a dvd-rw but the movies being playable on a dvd-player, similar to the vcd option on a normal cd-writer.

Is this possible ? sorry for the newbie question.

shew i really am a newbie :>

Cause i was just thinking of the vcd option in nero for a normal cd-r when you choose a movie files of ± 700megs and it all comes to about 900 megs.

Just thinking of this how could i put several of these onto a dvd-rw ?

This guide should help.

Thanks ssseth

so then i am correct in saying that you may only fit 1 movie onto a dvd cd ?

If it’s authored properly you should be able to fit more (length wise).

In VCD format, you can get about 5 hours on a dvdr. SVCD allows about 3. If you encode your avi’s properly, you can get 6 hours of good quality content on one dvdr.