Copying settlers 3(physical errors)



Hi there! What options i must check in alcohol in order to copy the “damaged” cd1 of settlers 3(physical errors)? It has a ring, almost like a very good rounded scratch, about 1mm size and 1/3 position from the top-end of the cd…


Use the A.S.S. feature of Alcohol 120% on the Ring Protech profile to skip through the errors as this will dramatically cut the reading time. (Often from several hours to 5-15 minutes).


Thanks man, i tried the same before i saw your post, worked just fine. I was a bit anxious about the fact the cd was rather scratched, but thanks god, after the 3rd reading-try the errors sectors range was looking right, so i burned it and worked just fine! :slight_smile:


No problem.:bigsmile: