Copying Series DVD

I have been trying to copy the Remington Steele series using CloneDVD2 Ver: but without success,

All I get is one episode of the 5 that are on the original disk. If I try the option to clone all titles, etc… the file is too big for the 4.7G disc.

What am I doing wrong?

@ cylon12,

Please do not double post.

You have already asked exactly the same question in the AnyDVD Forum posting titled “Help with CloneDVD”.

Doubling posting is discourteous to the Forum Members who reply to your posting, causes confusion, and violates Forum etiquette.

I have provided a response to your original Forum posting in the AnyDVD Forum.

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Would DVD Shrink be able to do the same thing, essentially?

It might be worth trying as an alternative.

@ BeardedKirklander,

There is absolute nothing wrong with using ClonDVD. The problem Forum Member cylon12 is reporting is caused by user error. The CloneDVD software program is more than capable of processing a whole multi-episode DVD without any problems.

The CloneDVD software program is routinely upgraded and improved to incorporate the latest in DVD copying technology. Suggesting to use a dead software program that is no longer supported and improvements and updates have ceased to be issued in over a year frankly doesn’t make much sense. In this day and age of increasing technology sophistication necessitates the utilization of the most up to date software tools available.

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Indeed…bjkg is correct, there is nothing wrong with CloneDVD. I would go so far as to say that CloneDVD and AnyDVD are the most actively developed and updated software of their kind available. :iagree:

I simply expressed that DVD Shrink may be something of an alternative worth trying.

I didn’t bash CloneCD one bit. I’m not anti-CloneCD, I’m pro-every alternative. :slight_smile:

Come on, lighten up, will ya? What does it matter what tools he tests as long as he finds a solution?

@ BeardedKirklander

Well what about a Forum Member who has paid a registration fee for CloneDVD. Do you think the Forum Member enjoys someone telling him to use some other software when Forum Member cylon12 specifically asked “What am I doing wrong?”

Forum Member cylon12 was not inquiring about alternative software but for assistance with the CloneDVD software program.

The solution is to inform Forum Member cylon12 on the proper utilization of the CloneDVD software program. That is exactly what I did. I provided Forum Member cylon12 with a link to an extremely detailed tutorial that depicts exactly how to back up a multi-episode DVD.

Your solution to use a dead software program that is no longer supported and improvements and updates have ceased to be issued in over a year is not a helpful solution. What leads you to believe if Forum Member cylon12 had difficulties backing up a multi-episode DVD with CloneDVD that he would be successful with DVDShrink.

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You don’t really mean that whole “Best Regards” thing at the end of your post, do you? (sigh)

I got some PM’s that told me to tell you you’re still not a mod, whatever that means.

You never know, nothing works all the time. My friend just gave me her “sex and the city” 19 disc collection to back-up. CloneDVD backed-up 18 of them fast and perfectly. For some reason it didn’t like one disc (I used Nero Recode/aka Shrink) to do that disc. Go figure - whatever works. In cylon12’s case there does seem to be a bit of user training needed.

I’m all about using whatever tools work. If the thing flat out gets the job done, whether it is free or not, that is what counts, I would think.

My mistake was mentioning it in the area dedicated for CloneDVD discussion, it seems.

For the life of me, I can’t understand the hatred towards a program that is so capable and functional, not to mention free.

It’s really too bad some people just can’t be open to all of the options available to them instead of having to resort to rabid fanboyism.

It should be about helping a person reach a solution, first and foremost, I would think. Not about advocating a single brand at the expense of the consumer. If one app isn’t doing it, for whatever reason, there should be no harm in recommending alternatives. At the very least, they may be able to get a functioning solution until they are able to work out the kinks in their understanding of the other software they were looking at. Or, they may be able to help identify a shortcoming of the software and recommend having it corrected.

Information should be shared, not surpressed.

I pretty much agree with that statement, however…

#1 This is the CloneDVD section of the forum.

#2 cylon12 asked for help with CloneDVD, he did not ask for different software.

#3 Most people simply want a working solution with the software they already have, whether that involves an update, tutorial, etc.

#4 Flaming is not cool.

#5 You are taking this all way too seriously/personally, chill out bro, it’s all good. Welcome to the forum! :iagree:

That being said…

@ cylon12 - Is the original Remington Steele disc single or dual layer?

If I try the option to clone all titles, etc… the file is too big for the 4.7G disc.

Are you actually getting an error message stating that the file is too big? Wait, what file?

When you use CloneDVD, use the middle button on the first page. I can’t remember off hand what it’s called. It’s for cloning the whole disc and all titles. Since CloneDVD transcodes, it will shrink a normal DVD down to a DVD-+R.

Unless you have the wrong CloneDVD…?

I have had no problems with Clone2 copying anything. Occasionally I am prompted that my media has an error and I have to use a 2nd blank to finish the job. Clone2 works great.