Copying Saw III with DVDFAB not working

How can I use dvdfab to copy Saw III it is not letting me do this. DVDfab gives me a pop up window to email information.
Can any one advise as how to copy the dvd?

There are already many posts on this…if you would have looked. Fengtao & Ting are currently working on a fix. It should be in the next beta.


I’m also having a problem in getting to copy saw 3
any ass’t on this ?

thanks joe

YOU WON’T CURRENTLY!!! Try reading next time. It’s been answered at least 15 times in 3 days!!! And the little post RIGHT above is yet another.The author is working on it

try the trail version of DVDFabPlatinum it should work
30 days free trail to try it i just bought it it works great on all movies that i have tryed

there is no more beta the DVDFabPlatinum is out now

DVDFab is out and this version does successfully handle Saw III.