Copying SafeDisk v2 using CloneCd 4 guide

I wrote a little guide 2 bypass SafeDisk 2…:wink:

The well known copy protection ‘SafeDisk 2’ is a hard copyable protection that is used on much games that are released @ the moment.
SD2 is a hard protection to bypass because its depens on your hardware, shortly the protection relies on ‘weak (error) sectors’ and that some writers have problems writing these sectors.

Like I told before you’ll need special hardware to copy SD2, here a list of supported writers.
If your writer is not listed you can alway’s give it a try…

Start CloneCd and put the SD2 protected game in your recorder. (2 know if your cd is protected by SD2, and wich version use ClonyXXL )

First download the SD2 CloneCd 4 profile []here]( (2) [no AWS.ccp) and put it into CloneCd’s folder. (mostly C:\program files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD\Profiles)

Open CloneCd and press the left icon, second select your burner.
After press ‘next’ select the SD2 profile you just put into the CloneCd folder. (SafeDisc (2) [no AWS])
Now press again ‘next’. Before you press the ‘ok’ button look where CloneCd puts the IMAGE.
Write it down somewhere or just rember it.

CloneCd now is going 2 read the cd and make an IMAGE of it on your HD, this could take some time so be patiend and don’t worry about no movement in the CloneCd bar…:wink:

When CloneCd is finished reading you can exit the program.
Now you must download BetaBlocker for ‘patching’ the IMAGE. There are 2 version’s of BetaBlocker, one for the normal SDv2 and one for .
Use ClonyXXL to see wich version of SD2 you have…but remember…SD is al lot harder to bypass and is only supported by a small group of writers!!

After downloaded the right version of BetaBlocker open it and go 2 the folder where CloneCd has put the IMAGE.
Now CloneCd has put 3 files in the folder;

*IMAGE.IMG <-- This one you need

Select the IMAGE.IMG and just drag and drop it into BetaBlocker.
Now press the left button to scan the IMAGE and after a few seconds press the right button to patch the IMAGE.
The IMAGE now is patched and you can exit BetaBlocker.

Open CloneCd again and press the second left button to burn the IMAGE 2 cd.
Press ‘next’, select the profile you used before (SafeDisc (2) [no AWS]) and press ‘ok’.

If everything is gone allright your should have a good backup of your SafeDisk 2 protected game…:bigsmile:

Grtz BurnFre@k

It seems to me that this faq is only applicable to those writers that have almost correct efm encoding (i.e. one sheep not two in that column of clonecd’s database).

Beta-blocker patching certainly isn’t necessary (and is probably detrimental) if you have a recent model Lite-on or Asus (possibly excluding the 24x Asus) or one of the few other writers that support correct efm encoding (i.e. two sheep in that column of clonecd’s database).

Sorry BurnFre@k but there’s no need for this little manual. SafeDisc 2 isn’t hard to copy anymore and you’re linking to files that I’ve created (the CloneCD Profile). Also you’re linking to files on my old website. There’s also no need to use BetaBlocker since CloneCD’s AWS feature is better… I will edit the links and close the thread. Hmm no I’ll leave it open for now.

Only a tip…betabloker do not work with my plex24x when try to read into a toshiba sd-m1202 reader…maybe this reader reads better than the 1502 because the 1502 pass the protection but my 1202 not…Any suggestion?

Yes i know that my guide is only 4 writers that cannot write EFM correctly…I forgot to say it…:smiley: