Copying safedisc and securom protected dvds with alcohol using RMPS emulation

With the release of v. of alcohol it is now possible to make RMPS emulation copies of safedisc protected dvds as well as securom protected dvds.

The method is the same (and new users should note that there are no datatypes to select when copying dvds with alcohol as they are unnecessary).

The method is simple. It is as follows:

Simply click on the image making wizard with the dvd to be copied in the drive. Check the options for “Skip read errors” and for “Data Position Measurement” and set Precision (for dpm) to “High” from the drop down box.

After you click next, a pop-up box will ask you for the dpm speed you want to use. Select “Max” and proceed from there.

Once the image is made, click on the image burning wizard and load the image you’ve just made from the .mds file. Click next and then select your burning speed and check the option for "Burn “RMPS” to recordable media. Then click Start to commence burning your image.

Note that the burnt dvd will require RMPS emulation to be enabled in alcohol (or Daemon Tools) emulation options for it to work.

Note also that it isn’t presently possible to make a working back-up copy of a safedisc or securom protected dvd that will work without emulation because of the inability of dvd burners to write dvds in raw mode.