Copying/ripping to HDD

Happy owner of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.

My workflow has become one where I copy the DVD to the hard drive. (After which I decide if I want movie only, movie and menus with some extras. or complete disk. In the case of the latter, I then need to decide if I want to encode with DVD Rebuilder & CCE basic or create an ISO and burn to a +R DL DVD)

My question is which way do others find is the best way to do this.

  1. With AnyDVD active, drag & drop in Explorer to hard drive

  2. Rip using AnyDVD Ripper option

  3. Process disc, with AnyDVD active, through CloneDVD2 as a DVD9 (i.e. no transcoding.)

Option 2 has been recommended by some as it will correct any structural problems (akin to running FixVTS).

I do think I’ve seen several posts by Tru recommending option 3.

I know there are always many ways to skin a cat or in this case a DVD, but am curious which method is most popular among the more experienced members of this forum.

TIA for any and all comments.


Getting a 1:1 image to the HD stripped of protection is the key. Be it that you use AnyDvD,RipIt4Me etc. Once you have the image to the HD there is no need for AnyDvD,RipIt4Me etc and then you can use any other program you prefer to edit and change and then burn to disk ( Imgburn is used by many for the burn process). If you are burning to DL then make sure that you use quailty media like Verbatim.

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Thanks for the feedback. My question was not about how to proceeed after copying the DVD to the hard drive but rather was there one method of copying the DVD to the hard drive that would be more advantageous over another.

Getting a proper exact copy structure wise is important in a general sense. IE: programs like DvD FabDecrypter, AnyDvD with Clonecd or DvD Decrypter, RipIt4Me with DvD Decrypter will give you a 1:1 copy. Is there an advantage,not really.

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One advantage - if you want to make a DL disc - is to rip an ISO with DVD Decrypter as it will create a .mds file that will contain the original layerbreak. If you then burn the DL disc with ImgBurn - just select the .mds file.

A mds file was created for people running FAT32 file systems and really is not needed if you running NTFS, programs like Imgburn will do the layer break for ya. So it’s kind of not really an advantage. What healy is getting at is there any advantage to a prefered program in getting a image of a DvD to the HD. In a general sense as along as the software in question keeps the structure of the DvD together less the copy proctections, then it does not really matter.

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Another option Healy, would be to actually rip with VOBBlanker, W/ AnyDVD running in the background, which would allow you to blank all previews, warnings, and logos, while still keeping the DVD structure intact, and with no compression.
Then you can decide if you’d still like to put it on Dual Layer or use Rebuilder after that.

It’s true that a mds file was needed for the FAT32 systems as the ISO was splitted. But even if you have a NTFS harddisk this mds file is created if you select that in the options of DVD Decrypter. What can be more right than to have the original layerbreak instead of something you need to set by yourself or even let another program decide it for you? The original layerbreak was put on a place where it made less problems for you when you watch the DVD.

So it must be easier to rip in ISO mode and then just send it to the burner knowing that you have the right layerbreak from the beginning. For me - that’s an advantage and also a true 1:1 copy.

If he chooses to use DvD Decrypter then that’s fine. We are talking in a general sense [B]is there an advantage of one program over the another [/B] and there are numerous to choose from that will give you the same result. So in a general sense the answer to his question is NO.

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Please mention a program that retains the original layerbreak. :slight_smile:

anydvd with clonecd = 1:1 copy

DvD FaBDecrypter.
Clonecd as mentioned above.

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Never used clonecd so if that one realy retains the original layerbreak I don’t know. DVDFab Decrypter don’t retain it.

sorry I meant DvD Fab Platinum :

Yes Clonecd does:

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