Copying RavenCD2 with DVR-108

Allright, I am having some problems with this CD so let me have it. I purchased the Nero Suite for burning DVD’s. It also supposedly copies CD’s. I am trying to make a playable backup of my ravenshield cd2. I have read that it is safedisc 2.8 protected. I tried Nero copier and produced a coaster. I then DL’d CLoneCD 5 and used Game CD and also Game protected profiles. I produced more coasters. So, I figured maybe it is CloneCD. I Dl’d Alcohol 120. Using the Safedisc 2/3 profile. Putting the CD into my Pioneer DVR-108, and burning an image first and then burning to CD, I am still producing coasters. I am probably missing something small here but don’t know what it is. What speed should I let the 108 read this disc at? What speed should I let it write at? I am just letting it go to default since it supposed to be such a fast drive but no go. Do I have to have any other boxes checked? Can anyone give me a complete setup on CLoneCD that should work? Thanks

Weclome kevjl2 :),

as far as I know you DVD-RW is a 2sheep model so creating a backup of SafeDisc 2.8 shouldn’t be a big deal. I would suggest using CDRWs to avoid coasters, set read and write speed to 4x, use high qualitiy media like Verbatim, FujiFilm, TDK… and if you’re running your backup from your 108 enable ‘ignore media type’ in Alcohol’s emulation settings.

p.s. you can try Alcohol’s SafeDisc profile or get the cdfreaks CloneCD profiles.

Ignore media type did it. Thanks for that response Kalas. I didn’t think that would do anything but it did. Thanks