Copying RAM Disks

Hello all,

I’ve recently bought a Hitachi Digital DVD camera (RAM Compatible) in preparation for a holiday abroad, I was able to capture a great deal of information while I was there using a DVD RAM CD as opposed to a standard DVD-R CD. Some of my friends would now like a copy of the footage shot but they have Non-RAM compatible DVD recorders.

My question is; does RAM CDs record in a similiar format to a normal DVD-R in which case I can copy the imformation or do I need to convert the formats to allow them to view the footage normally.

Sorry if this question sounds silly but I’m very new to this so please bear with me.



p.s. I hope this makes sense to you to you all.

Hi richj,

Try to rip the contents from your DVD-RAM to your HD, using for instance AnyDVD Ripper (

Then burn the contents of the folder in your HD used in the ripping process to another DVD-R media, using any DVD copy program.