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Hi. Couldn’t find an appropriate category above (sorry if I missed one). My question: Is there a way to copy CD’s (that are allowed to be copied) to VHS? As silly as that sounds, I have a 91 year-old Aunt who absolutely CANNOT “get” the use of a DVD. I even purchased her a simple, stand-alone DVD player, connected it to the TV, and wrote out extremely simple instructions for her, but she can’t seem to master it so she doesn’t watch any DVD’s at all. If I could transfer to VHS, she would have no problem as her player starts the tape as soon as she slides it in and it automatically rewinds when done and resumes her regular TV operation (how simple is that?). Anyway, if anyone knows if this can be done, I’d appreciate any info. Thanks. Nancy


You’ll need a VHS recorder with composite, s-video or component inputs. You’ll need a dvd player that outputs through one of those types of lines hooked up to the VHS recorder.

They also make combo dvd player-VHS recorders that can do this type of thing without going through the lines.

The main problem with this procedure is the anti-copy protection added to dvds. There are devices that get rid of the Macrovision copy protection, but that is an added expense. What I would do would be to make a copy on your computer (thereby getting rid of the copy protection), burn to a disk, then transfer to VHS. You will have to have a dvd burner in the computer and some blank dvds of course.

Break encryption on the dvds and rip to the hard drive using DVDFab HD Decrypter. If you are going to single layer dvds, you might have to compress the movie to fit onto the disk, so use DVDShrink for this process. Burn to the disk using ImgBurn. (for DVDShrink and guides to using it)

DVDShrink can break encryption and shrink all in one operation if the dvd only has simple CSS encryption. So you might try it first. DVDFab is there for newer movies that are more complicated to rip.
This is the guide for burning with ImgBurn to a single layer dvd from dvd-video files:

All three programs I’ve mentioned are free to download and use. If you need a bit more help, don’t hesitate to ask.