Copying Quake4

I am trying to make a backup of quake4 using alcohol120%, and I am getting disk read errors even though I checked ignore disk read errors.

Has anyone sucessfully made a backup of quake4.

If you’re trying to copy the cd version you’re supposed to get disc read errors. It’s part of the protection. Just be patient and let the reading process complete. [Btw, reading speed will increase dramatically after the first 10,500 sectors (i.e. about 3%) of the disc.]

It finally the image , it mounted the image but it still asked me to insert the first cd. Now alcohol is not mounting the image anymore, should I make the image again ?

I’m not quite sure, but doesn’t patching Quake4 to version 1.0.4 remove the protection? I copied the DVD on my HD, replaced old files with the ones from the patch, burned the whole thing on DVD and tried to reinstall Quake4.
Installation worked, game rund w/o DVD inserted…

Don’t know wheather this works for CD Version too… :confused:

Greets Cosmic