Copying psx backups with clone..please help

ok…heres the scoop…im tryng to copy my backup psx games with clone,and it takes an age to read an image file…ive tried with my liteon 163 dvd and liteon 24x10x40 as reader and again its the same,sloooow…is this right? ive used the game profile and the psx profile and still the same…can anyone help? or is this normal? i just want to backup my backups as some are getting a bit tired…please ,any info much appreciated…

Too tired by the sound of it.
If it is taking a long time because of read errors then don’t bother, any image you will end up with will not contain what the original cds had on them.

How slow do you mean by slow? Psx cds always take longer, quite a lot longer, to read than a normal cd even when read at max speed.

However, as it’s a psx cd, I would recommend that you read and write at 8x for best results anyway (I would also check “Regenerate Data Sectors” if you’re copying copies, though this will slow the reading process even more.)