Copying PS2 Games?

I have tried reading an image with DVD Shrink but no luck.

Anybody know of any methods as to how to crack PS2 games?

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

We don’t crack. We aim for 1:1.

DVD-9 … forget it
DVD-5 … use alcohol 120%
CD … use any imaging program

PQ subchannels must be read and NOT corrected on the write. You must have a DAO+96 writer.

@ FutureProof

"DVD-5 … use alcohol 120% "

Is there copyprotected DVD:s out there now? The few backups I´ve done was possible in Nero.

Use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to read your ps2 disc to file, then Use DVD Decrypter to write it to a dvd…easy, take me about 30mins from start to finish

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[B]@ FutureProof

"DVD-5 … use alcohol 120% "

Is there copyprotected DVD:s out there now? The few backups I´ve done was possible in Nero. [/B]
PS2? Some have the TOC after the lead out, most have LibCrypt.

Game wise, Tron and Silent Hill 3 have SecuROM.

FutureProof - Just want to clarify something.

Are you suggesting to use Alcohol 120% to try and create PS2 games that work without the use of a mod chip?

I was under the VERY strong impression that was absolutely impossible.

Question 2!

Is there any problems with backing up PS2 DVD’s with DVD Decrypter (to iso mode) and buring this straight back onto a blank DVD using decrypter again?

I intend to get my PS2 “modded”, and want to make sure this is the best way to do it!

Just so I get it straight…
To my knowledge PS2 CD:s are copyprotected with LibCrypt…I`ve backup:ed those with CloneCD.
PS2 DVD:s I´ve this far used Nero “DVD Copy” to backup.

Are new PS2 DVD:s using copyprotection?

And if so, are Alcohol cabable of making a backup of a PS2 DVD?

This is interesting, because I´m between backup programs.
My old reliable CloneCd seems to slipped behind, BW seems to release before testing…
So if Alcohol are cabable of backup copyprotected DVD:s and also SD3.0 and Securom 4.8xxx as I think I´ve seen on this forum there is where I´ve should put my bet…

Can I use Dvd Shrink then Copy2DVD to make backups of my PS2 games? Also has anyone used the slide card/swap magic 3 mod chip?

i copy ps2 games all the time.

all u need is nero… i never had a problem with nero. just choose to copy entire disk…

ps. i never did it on the fly

but dont u hav to shrink the games cause there to big too fit on a normal disc Mista Rip??

wow, i havent been on this forum since that post on 08-01-04

then i get an email telling me i have a reply.

ps2 games were all 4 gigs and under.

now there’s a few that are over… i’ve only seen 2 so far. the gay 50 cent game and some other that i forgot.

yer the ones tht i know are gran turismo and 50 cen bullet proof but hey do u know any programs to shrink them


ps:i download yahoo messenger to talk to u and added u and u wound’t reply y not?? i wanna talk to ya cause i really wanna find out how to burn games

i was able to make a perfect back up copy of GOD OF WAR useing clone cd v5.8.2.1 on a dvd+r (dl) and it works perfect i also made a back up copy of 50 cent bullet proof…i’ve tried useing other programs in the past but this way works perfect…if you have a mod chip installed then you want have any problems most other ps2 games will fit on a regular dvd-R…that should clear up any questions on copying ps2 games i have over 200 copied games so…good luck out there :slight_smile:

New to all this and never copied a PS2 game before but do I need a mod chip in order to play a copied game? I also have CloneCD and DVD, can someone point me to instrux on how to do it?

Yes, you’ll need a modchip.
The easiest way would be to use dvddecrypter selecting iso read and iso write mode.

can anyone give me a tutorial on how to burn ps2 games with nero start smart?please i need help

u said dvd+r worked for u
cud u plz tell me what ps2 model u have…
i burnt on dvd-r with alcohol120
doesnt wurkd
is it possible 2 work on dvd+r