Copying ps2 games?

I have the ps2 game of ‘FIFA 2006’ and would like another copy of it - however i never knew this was possible until i overheard a friend.

Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to create another copy of this game and if so, could you tell me how i would go about doing it?


Copying is easy, playing is a different story. To copy Dvd decrypter is enough in iso mode. To play there are several methods, the most popular is a mod chip. For more info read up over at

Ok I have had a quick read about the mod chips but i am still not certain about them - Once you have purchased one, where does it have to be fitted and what do you have to do to fit it?!

Sorry if im being a bit awkward but im just not sure what you have to do with them?


Bottom line only an experienced solderer should attempt to do the job. Most good modchips require about 22 different soldering points that are about the size of a pin-head. So yes you have to crack open the PS2 and solder the modchip down to the motherboard. They do have alternate methods (ie Swap Magic, HD Advance) however these methods aren’t 100% compatible and tend to require more tricks to get certain games to work. I personally recommend either buying a soldered modchip and having a trusted installer put it in or if you have good soldering skills and a steady hand, putting it in yourself.

Modchips require you to disassemble your unit and solder in the chip to the Playstations mainboard (some do not require soldering but they are not compatible with all versions). This is extremely difficult and you can ruin your unit in the process.

If you are hell-bent on getting it modded, I would recommend sending it to a pro. Some will install for as little as $30 usd + shipping.

As Jesterrace stated there are different ways to play a backup. I use a fliptop with Swap Magic and a hard drive I installed in my older model ps2. I do have trouble with certain games but i didn’t have to send my ps2 off to be modded. I did everything myself after two solid weeks of reading over at For best compatibility though you want a mod-chip.

Moving to the console forum…

I bought a non-soder mod chip. It just presses in. It cost me $70 an took 2 weeks to be shipped from Germany but man does it work great. Yes you do have to open your PS2 to do this but for me it is worth it.