Copying PS2-DVDs with PX708A

Which program is suitable to use in order to burn PS2 games with PX708A and which type of DVD is better for that job?

Thank you all in advance

Probably Nero or Instantcopy to burn te data.

If you want to know what media you should use, check out the cdfreaks shop.
There is a discription and a compatibility list added. It gives a discription witch media is suitable for use with PS2

I have never done the PS2 copy…but I read about it once and it involved altering a chip inside the PS2.
That was some time ago. I am getting my daughter a PS2 for Christmas. Would anyone be kind enough to point me to a link
on how to accomplish the PS2 copy?

Many Thanks!

In order to play backed-up PS2 games, you need a mod chip installed in your PS2.

Personally, I like the DMS 3 chip, but the Messiah 2 should do the job just fine.

Finding and installing chips can be a pain, and it will vary based on where you are. If you’re willing to buy online or have it installed via mail, then there are a few places that will do it for you, for a price. Most of them are located in Canada (where it’s legal to do such modifications).

As far as actually backing up a game, Alcohol 120% works great.

I hope that helps a bit.