Copying Protected CD's

Hello… I am trying to copy a protected CD through Nero 6. I am getting an error message saying the CD is copyrighted. How can i break that? Keeping in mind this is a data cd (GPS for a car navigation system). HELP PLEASE

Hi walidhajj and welcome to the forum ,

Nero Burning Rom cannot cope with the various possible copy-protection schematics that there are around. The only copyright protection it can really cope with is the “Illegal TOC” method. (Tick ignore illegal TOC)

I suggest you scan your original cdrom with a tool like ClonyXXXL or Scout to check the copyprotection schematic and use another writing tool suchs as BlindWrite , Alcohol or CloneCD to write your backup with.

Keep us updated ,

Mr. Belvedere

Thanks for welcoming me to the form. Excuse my ignorance, but where do i download clonyxxxl, scout or BlindWrite from. I tried searching the web, but wasnt too succesful. Thanks a million.

No problem :bigsmile:

Thanks man. I tried Clony XXL but it said there is no protection or unknown protection… Any other ideas… i couldnt find Scout in yoru link.

Here you can find other scanners

Thanks a lot. I did download all of the utilities. They all said that there is no coding or teh coding is unknown. I then copied the CD with the different copying program you suggested. The copying goes well and seems to be running right. However, when i put the copied cd in the GPS system it just spits it out… ANY IDEA HERE?

Hello what is the name of the cd you are tring to backup…:cool:

The cd i am trying to backup is the GPS (Global Positioning System) data for my car’s (BMW) navigation system.