Copying 'protected' CD - HELP!



I need to make a backup of a copy protected CD. I’ve tried EVERYTHING from Circle Virtual, to ROXIO, to CLONECD, to ALCOHOL120 to ISO BUSTER. Nothing is working!

All I wanna do is create a backup of this expensive software.

Is there any recommended free software utilities out there that will let me copy?

Every time I copy it error’s at 21%.
it says:
“unreadable sector” Sector 15772 couldn’t be read. Error: 05/64/00

Now lets say I make a perfect copy. It doesnt work. BUT if i copy the contents onto my hard drive, THEN put the original back in hte drive, THEN open up the ‘copied’ setup.exe (from my hard drive), it will work.

it looks for this file: “isrt.dll”
it searches for this file from a document titled “Setup.ini”.

Alcohol 120% error reads:
Disc read error at: 15761
Disc dumping failed!
Error Message: [05/64/00] - Illegeal Mode For This Track
C:\Documents and Settings\Will\Desktop\alcohol\eyeQ 3.3x.mds:Image file writing aborted!


i’m just gonna state the odvious…but maybe the disk is scratched to much to be backedup :Z


Can you tell us the title of the software and check with ClonyXXL, Yaps or another protection scanner what kind of protection it has??


the hardware u’re using to read and burn with would also be helpful.


Error Message: [05/64/00] - Illegeal Mode For This Track

Make sure that you have ‘ignore errors’ setting enabled when making an image/copying.


Thank you to all of you who are trying to help:
First of all, No, the cd isn’t scratched. The person I am doing this for is a very immaculate person. That’s the reason he wants a backup. The cd is in very good condition.

The title of the software is: “EyeQ”. As for determining what system is being used on it, I do not know, or know how to find out.

In ‘Alcohol 120%’ I tried creating an image with each ‘datatype’. Each time I tried to create an image, at exactly 22% of the dumping fase, it said error.

I chose to notify me with error’s because I would prefer to know that the scan is a failure at 22% and not 100%.

As to what hardware I am using to read, and write;
I am not sure as to the exact properties of the writer, as I did not build this system, I bought it completed in March of '03. I do know that it is 48X.

Device Manager Reads:

If you need more information, keep posting and I will find a way to get it to you.
This is very important to me, and I appreciate all the help.
Thank you very much



Many protections use schemes that will cause errors to be intentionally read. This is why you must check ‘ignore read errors’.



go to
go to his download sections

download yates and clonyxxl

these can scan the disc and fin dthe protection out for ya …any other help let us know



neither downloads resulted in finding the correct system used to protect this cd.

How else can I make this work?


what cd is it ? game or what ? would be helpful so we can tell you the protection used


this is software that supposively helps you to speed read.

the software title is called “EyeQ” and you can there website can be found at:

this software belongs to someone else, and i promised i could get them a copy. they don’t understand computers, and to them its either i could, or couldnt. if you see what i mean, this is a person that i want to rely on me in the future.

thanks for all your help, i truly do appreciate it. truly.

p.s. i tried the software out, interesting that it kinda works. bah.


@willstein: Did you try checking ‘ignore errors’ option in alcohol 120?


yes i have but the final outcome doesnt work.

as soon as it hits the 22% mark it jumps to 100% and says its finished.


wow i give up not sure about that program … or protection


Insert original, then double-click cdrom drive in my computer. Highlight all files/folders, right-click, and goto properties. What is the total used space reported?


Used Space: 143 MB
Free Space: 000 MB