Copying problems

I have made a copy of a game using clone cd and all seemed to work fine. I am trying to make a back up of my game in case the origional gets damaged. when i put the copy in the comp. reads it and it opens it to where i can select play from the menu but from there nothing happens, the disk just stops spinning. I also tried installing it onto my other comp. from the burnt disk and all worked fine, until i wanted to play…again the same prob. can anyone help?

Well the game name would be helpfull, with some system specifications and versions of programs you are using.

I am trying to burn Nascar Racing Season 2003. Windows xp pro, 80 gig hd, 1 gig of ram, nvidia 6800 gt. Can anyone help!!!

oh yea. and i have tried clone cd version 5.1 and burnwrite version 6 and with both i get the same prob.

Follow this method

I appreciate the input but this did not work either. I followed the instructions to a “T” and it did not work. The results were that when i put the cd in after burning was complete my cursor showed the image of a disk spinning when i clicked on play but nothing ever happened. I actually had to manually restart my computer by holding in the on off button. I never imagined that burning a copy of a game would be this troublesome… Do you have any other ideas?

the disc might be protected by a wierd anti copy, where it erases the game data, i would get another copy, run it, see all the progams it has on it, and compare that to a copied, as it might have taken a key program off