Copying problems with Pioneer DVD-116

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I’ve been trying to copy a 4GB MDF Image file from a DVD disc to my harddrive and I after 10 - 20 percent on the copy progress bar has been filled up I receive an error message stating “…I/O device error”. When I try to check windows explorer the DVD disk has a file system of UDFS. I don’t know if my drive can handle this type of file. But when I tried to copy it using a friends “generic” or non-branded DVD drive, it was able to copy the file.

My Pioneer DVD-116 has the 1.22 firmware version.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Update all your FW to start and if it is an encrypted disk you will need to use the right software to do the deed! Which DVD and what software?,,2076_4273_128760825,00.html
Read the FAQ at Pioneer and be advised that I have had problems with my sony 1615 reading disks that my burners will!

Also if you have 1.22 FW then you must live in Europe or Japan because the US site is not that high yet! LOL

Thanx for the reply guyz…

Anyway, I did receive the drive with the 1.09 firmware. I upgraded the firmware to 1.22 to make the drive Region Free. I downloaded the firmware from
I will try to downgrade the firmware to 1.09 and will let you know of the result.

Thanks in advance again!



I downgraded the firmware form 1.22 to 1.09 last night but It still won’t copy the image file from the dvd to my harddrive. I even tried to lower the speed of the drive and ene used MagicISO or UltraISO to extract the image from the dvd but I encountered reading errors.

Any suggesstions will be appreciated…

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Unfortunately I used to have the same drive, a looooooooong time ago. I experienced the same issues.
This drive is unfortunately just a bad drive for extracting CD’s or DVD’s with.
However, I did note (before I palmed it off to someone else) that the RPC1 firmwares had worse error/copy protection tolerance that the official RPC2 firmwares.

thanks debro, as well as others who replied to my posts.

I have used the drive for a looooong time and I guess my dvd-drive has lived its purpose.

Again, thanks to all and God Bless!


Time for two new ones man! LOL