Copying problems since ms update

help or advice neede please! did mu normal updates of my pc and was asked to install update software for that well known os system, this i did then a verification which surprised me as in the past i had already verified using their genuine product button to confirm my os was genuine, prior to this my pc worked fine copied dvds ok and cds all was rosy, I then found i couldnt copy cds the disc copier kinda froze not for long but i knew something wasnt right , the cds played ok but had blanks with breaks in the sound playback these cds i copied were home ones which were fine no faults, i then found out my pc was freezing up , ie crashed norton ghost refused to work properley with my external hardrive saying backup images were not correct norton ones , so eventually i restored pc from an old norton ghost image some 3 months old , ok my pc works but not as it did , the cds are useless! no viruses spyware or anything else i can find all scas clear any ideas I have a few but i dont think the company concerned would like them without naming names i think you can guess who i mean though i cant of course proove it any help please? i thought of ditching windows for linspire doing a dual boot system