Copying Prince Of Persia with BW5.0.2.113

I had experienced the longest “read” as of to date with this game. When making a back-up copy of the “play” cd at first it seemed as if my dvd/cd writer was just stuck in the first stage of reading the disk. But for you guys who are experiencing this also, my suggestion is to just let it take its course and finish what it is trying to read. Eventually the writer will spin faster and the reading will proceed. I’ll post my log and hopefully pinpoint where it took the longest time to read and test the game to actually see if it works. :eek:

it looks like it took the longest read at the “583 sectors fixed between LBA 000830 and 010155” line which averaged 20mins. and the whole reading/extracting process altogether was a total of 35mins.

hmm did you burn with autoplay…???

You didnt state your drive combo at all. I believe you have your IDE channels set to PIO mode and NOT dma 2. You will need dma 2.


there could be other issues but I would check that first.