Copying Playstation Games

A friend asked me if it was possible to copy A PS1 game using a PC.

We tried doing so with Nero as well as with CloneCD but were not successful.

How can one copy these ROM’s?

Yes, this is possible.

But as discussed many many times before on this forum (hint: use search), they cannot be played on PS1 without having installed a so-called MOD-chip in the PS1.

CDRWin was very capable of handling this.

I knew there would be something that would copy them. And the reason is that he has 2 “terrible twins” aged 8 who can destroy about anything. He wants to backup the cd’s so he can lock them away as a safeguard.

As for having his machine chipped. Well that will be his problem (we stay out in the styx)

CloneCD, CDRWin, DiskJuggler, Alcohol 120%, CDMate should have no problems making backups of PS1 games but…you have to have a modchip installed in your PS1 no matter what, thats the only way the backups will work.
i’ve heard that a PS1 Gameshark, or an Action Replay can make PS1 backups work on an un-modded system, but i’m not to sure how it exactly works.

Mate, been in the same situation my self!You can (with a mod-chip installed as stated if not sorry yet it is not possible to run backed-up games in a un-modded ps1 console)use either Clone cd or Alcohol 120% for reading and burning…You would need a device thats capable of reading sub-channel data to make your img.Perhaps you could tell us what reader/burner you are using?/gs

and what about PlayStation 2 copy ?:confused:

Also keep in mind that you can’t play them on an original Playstation, PSOne, or PS2, but you can play them on an emulator on your PC, as long as your computer can handle the strain, that is. ^^