Copying Playstation 2

I was trying to find out if Playstation 2 games can be decrypted by AnyDVD and if the copies will work in the playstation2 without installing a chip ?

Sorry to add another question to yours, but I am trying to find out basically the same thing. I was told DVD Decrypter will copy the games, does anyone know what is the best way to copy games (programs, free programs), and I will be using the swap discs, and slide card. Thanks

Easiest way to backup ps2 games, with dvddecrypter in iso mode!

Uh, none of the software in the world is gonna help unless you have some sort of mod method implemented. The HD Advance method is what I recommend if you are dead set against a good soldered modchip. What you will need: HD Advance, a memory card, A regular IDE computer card, a network adapter. This will allow you to load and run a bunch of games from the HD. For the slim-line models you can hook up an external HD. IMHO though, nothing beats a good soldered modchip. Avoid the swap magic discs. They are outdated before you even purchase them.