Copying Playstation 2 video games

I want to know if there is any way that Playstation 2 games can be copied.
If so what software do I need and what else ?

Thanks !


Yes you can, but you need a mod chip/swap disk

what is a mod chip/swap disk ??
And how i get such and how I copy such ???

backing up PS2 games is very easy. All you need is DVDdecypter. Simply use the ISO read function to transfer the game onto your hard disk. Then ISO write to burn the game. A few games are larger than a single layer blank dvd (Gran Turismo 4 and others). A more complex method is necessary for these games but Iโ€™m not sure what exactly.

The modchips/swap disks allow one to play the backups. Unless you plan on running emulators or Imported games, I would suggest the swap disks as they are much easier to install. The modchips require soldering tiny contact points which I personally found quite impossible. The modchips can however, be installed by professionals at a very resonable price ($25-$40 usd + shipping)

For more info on these check out

Try here for probably all the info you need.

where do I get this DVDdecypter and do you recommend any ?
What is the ISO (whats that anyways) as you say to use this function to transfer the game onto my hard disc ? I need more detail explanation about how to do all this since I donโ€™t know a thing - yup have no clue :frowning: Thanks for all your help.

Also, why a modchip/swap disk is needed ?

All game consoles have a system to stop you being able to copy them. As for sony, they have a system that stops copied disks from being read. A mod chip bypasses this and allows you to play copied games, but you have to solder in a chip, which voids your warrenty. However a swap disk loads a menu, which means that the disk has been loaded before the copied disk has been put in, so it reads it as not being copied.

If you search the forum software, you will find all the software you need.

what forum software ? Sorry but I am new here but not sure how any of this works.

i already have a program that copies dvds - can i use that one or need a particular one ? Then after I dub the video game into a regular blank dvd what I do ?

You really should start using SEARCH, either here in this forum or via google. :frowning: