Copying pics from documents to burner

I have a HPCompaq presario with windows xp. I had to totally crash and reinstall everything. I had to pay someone to do this ( I am not tech saavy)
When all was done I could no longer right click on a pic in my documents and have the option to copy it to DVD-RW Drive (E:) It wasn’t there ! ( most importantly):(I can no longer add pics to a disc I already started. I do have a new program called record now but it doesn’t have that option either. Do you know what I can do to correct this? Thank you for your time.

@ cats100,

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Strongly suggest returning your Computer to whomever you paid to “reinstall everything” and have that that entity correct the your “DVD-RW Drive (E It wasn’t there” problem. If whomever you paid to “reinstall everything” actually did this task correctly you would not have your “DVD-RW Drive (E It wasn’t there” problem and your Record Now software program would function correctly.