Copying photos to DVD

Hi All from Australia,
My family have just returned from overseas with about 2,500 photos.
I have tried unsuccessfully to copy them from two different computers to DVD’s and keep getting error messages. I can copy from memory sticks to hard drive; from hard drive to zip drives and back to memo:sad:ry stick but NOT to DVD’s or CD’s. This has never been a problem until this trip. I am getting one message that says “Windows has encountered a problem when trying to copy these files” with no explanation as to why. I am using BENQ dvd’s. All my searching seems to indicate problems with the drive but not on two different machines.
Please can someone help!


Hi, Ben. :slight_smile:

Do not use Windows to try to copy to DVDs, as there is absolutely no support [all versions older than XP], limited support [XP with a special patch applied], or poor versatility that is not recommended [Vista].

Try using ImgBurn [free], which should get you by for the time being. If you need other features, look for a good burning suite. :wink:

yes i also suggest using ImgBurn

just open in Build Mode and click the Browse For Files button.

heres the guides