Copying Photos for DVD viewing



I want to view my Photographs on the TV screen. I have a JVC DVD recorder and am having trouble to get it to recognise the content. I am in the process of transferring old transparencies onto my PC which I am doing in TIF format. I have then edited each photo and saved it as a JPG. I ahve so far managed to do 146 of these and wanted to view these on the TV. I copied the JPG’s onto a Verbatim DVD+RW but the DVD recorder did not recognise the content. I then copied them onto a CD-RW and again they were not recognised by the JVC DVD. I did these on a rewritable disc in order to “test” what I was doing, I don’t want to produce a lot of coasters! Is this because I should be using CD-R? Or is my JVC DVD recorder not up to this? If this is the case could anyway suggest a really good DVD recorder that will allow pictures to be shown.
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It could be you dvd player, but i think its more likely to be the program your using to burn the disk. If you looking for a program to use to put the pictures onto a disk, try dvd santa, however this will not create menus for you. If you want a program that can burn, create menus, and support photos, i would recommend nero, but all these programs have to be paid for. I havnt heard of any freeware software that can create photo dvds.


You should be able to download a free trial of Nero from their website. At least you will be able to make sure it works for what is needed before buying it.


I would suggest burning to -R. Some older players may not be able to handle -RW


Not every DVD player or topset recorder is able to read and show photos on TV, look if it says JPEG or Photo in the facilities list.
If not it may say VCD or SVCD - and you can build a VideoCD or a SuperVideoCD with yous photos, instead of trying to open the individual files (these will be encoded in MPEG1 or MPEG2 slideshows).
you have several applications that can do it, for instance Nero as jhtalisman suggests.