Copying pc games

Hello I am trying to copy CM4 from the original copy of the game. I have copied games before like Medal of Honour and Tony Hawks 3 but have’nt used the software since then or downloaded updates. I did yesterday downloading clony xxl and clone cd and finding that clone cd was not even supported by clony xxl. The game is also running the new securi disc system which represented 10 skulls protection. What im trying to say is help !! Id really apprecaite somebody providing me with an idiot guide of which software to use, where to get it from and how to get a backup made of the original.
Thanks in advance again it would be much appreciated

Hi! please use our search function to find out how to use those two. clony xxl shows what protection is used in the cd and clone cd is used for backup ( even writing the image to a cd ) . are u copying cm4 or backupying cm4???