Copying PC Games?



If you want to backup a pc game on an actual disk so that the game can run off of it, does the pc game you are burning have to be a cd rom instead of the dvd rom version? Also, can you only make images of dvd rom pc games and load them on a virtual drive? Or is it only certain dvd rom pc games that wont allow you to play the game off of the burned copy?


PC CD games can be backed up to disc dependent on your Writer. The newer the protection the harder it is too write. (forget starforce) PC DVD games are nearly impossible (unless successfully emulated) simply because DVD Writers as of yet are unable to write in RAW mode. As for virtual drives most games would work fine except some games are Blacklisted - meaning the game has a routine that detects if its played off a physical disc or a virtual disc and refuses to run. Its all a game of trial and error.


As far as emulation goes, I have noticed with one or two games it will detect Daemon Tools but not Alcohol 120%. Just an observation.


First of all this thread is nearly 2 years old so I think this problem has been solved… and your observation depends on the used version where DTools is normally the first with updates as Alcohol uses their emulation technology.