Copying pc games(The Thing

I’ve tried to copy the thing(pc version)with no success. The tools I’ve downloaded to detect copy protection just tell me that no protection/unknown. I have created an image of the game and still can not get a working copy.(error message wrong disk). Any help for the new guy.

Thanks in advance

do you own the original disk?? Then we prefer to call it back-up.

use the latest clone-cd with the safedisk profiles from the clone-cd forum

depending on your burner you choose the no-aws profile or the normal one

Yes I have the original Cd:) I’am using a acer cdrw also running Xp Pro with a 1700 xp cpu. This is the error message I’am getting thething.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

i myself had trouble with the game also.

the game loads securom new on your hdd .

download clonnyXXL then goto

CCD Settings==

then start clonecd and use the clonyxxl profile when making the image of the thing and when burning the image of the thing. :Z

hope it helps…it sure helped me!

i got 1 coaster out of it!

Thanks for your help

I’am still having problems. Once I create the backup as per your instructions I’am getting a insert disk or it just hangs. Are there any other settings I need to set before creating the backup.

i suspect the game has one of the NEW securom protections
as yet this type is currently uncopyable !!!
just like numerous other games that are recently being released ie. beachlife/ industry giant 2 etc etc.
just to name a few its proving too be a big problem unless
oli at clone cd or some other genius comes up with a solution?

Originally posted by logicwatch
i suspect the game has one of the NEW securom protections
as yet this type is currently uncopyable !!!

wow how funny… cause i swore i made a backup of the thing today. and even to test it out i installed it on my backup PC (which it had not been previously installed on before) and it works perfect.

i read it using my toshiba sd m1212 dvd-rom and wrote it using my philips pcrw 1208. i backed up using the latest version of ccd (4.1.10), and i used the default clonyxxl settings except i bumped the read and write speed down to 4x.

like i said, works just fine.

Made a sweet working copy last night.

First i used clonecd with afew different profiles and it didnt work.

I then opted to try cdmate with the securerom setting and it worked first go :wink:

Using Lite-On 40x12x48x

Alien8ed, did you try the Liteon Securom New profile?

copied ok used my new liteon 163 reader with standard securom settings and burned back to liteon cdrw no probs !!!
however still cant manage industry giant 2 it obviously isnt using securom???

Ah, so you got the Ltd-163. (Took me all of 2 min 12 sec to make a perfect back-up of The Thing using it as reader and my Ltr-24102b as writer last night.)

Industy Giant II? It’s a Jowood title so it may have protect cd 5 copy protection rather than new securerom new (Jowood uses both and the protection used often varies from country to country). If your original does use protect cd 5 rather than new securerom new, then forget about copying it for the time being as there isn’t a copying solution for that protection at present.

However, you might check at the the Daemon Tools website whether an mds file has been released by them that would enable the game to be played from an image using emulation with daemon tools.

Originally posted by CCDKing
Alien8ed, did you try the Liteon Securom New profile?

Yep i tried it dude… for some reason it still didnt work. Tried it at different speeds aswell just in case.

Cdmate did it successfully via the securom profile at 8x

Cheers :slight_smile: