Copying PC->DVD, A newbie who needs help!

I am looking to copy some movies to DVD disc but am a total newbie to that kinda world.

I have several .avi movies which I want to copy to disc and be able to play them through my home DVD player. Is there anything specific I need to be doing other than burning as I would an audio CD (obviously with DVD software). ie, will a .avi play through a home DVD player?

Also, some of the movies are split into 2 files. How can i ‘glue’ these together and put them onto 1 disc?

Finally does anyoe know of any software where you can add your own Menus and chapters?

Cheers in advance for any help!

Follow this thread to get what you need to convert the files to dvd. The program will add chapters for you and put multiple files on one dvd. If you want join the files beforehand, which i suggest you do, try Virtualdub Mp3 Freeze It works better with avi because sometimes they have the audio as mp3s to keep file size down

Thanks for the help

are you familiar with avi2dvd? I have hard this program can create .avi to DVD files in one conversion and also ‘stick’ together desected movies.